Sie sind der Mittelpunkt im Leben Ihres Hundes!

Should stand to the side with service dogs that are not only mentally or physically disabled people, but also coma children, autistic, depressed people as a friend and companion. The dogs are doing, inter alia, formed at our practice wheelchair. Equally important is the training in the home and the place of residence of the future owner. The dog is supposed to be a constant companion and helper.

An early bond between dog and owner is important so that the therapy dog ​​is its varied tasks. Therefore, we also breed itself and bring the puppy early with your future pet owners together. We have specialized in doing to the family of retriever, who proved very successful as service dogs and with whom we have already achieved a lot, for example, that a child is reawakened from the coma and that proves that therapy dogs are barely imagine in today's society. Read more about our dogs breeding. Of course, we offer training for service dogs or dog training for dogs of other breeds.