Sie sind der Mittelpunkt im Leben Ihres Hundes!

Dog training in everyday situations

Whether a dog obeys his owner , depends primarily on the bond between dog and owner. We 'll show you how you can create and strengthen this bond . We teach you the right way to deal with your dog, so you are even able to educate him - regardless of race . You can engage Gerd Müller as Trainer , for problematic or poorly behaved Hunde.Unsere family dogs in group classes and individual lessons with us and the owners on site and formed in accordance with any other social field of the problem. The training always takes place together with you and the family members. The dog should obey you better and that he can only learn in everyday situations ! Therefore, we train you and your dog in your and his usual natural environment. And without stress and aids such as spiked collars , Leckerlie or clicker training , etc. - in short, absolute non-violent !

After the course, you have the certainty of being able to take your dog stress-free everywhere. The daily walk in the woods and fields, while shopping in the supermarket, at stations or airports - you can be sure that your dog

- In every situation and with you

- Watch your every move

- Remain sitting down when you stand

- Not pulling on the lead

- Even unattended waiting for you

The results of Dog Training: You are the center in your dog's life!