Guide dogs

Sie sind der Mittelpunkt im Leben Ihres Hundes!

Our focus is the training of guide dogs. But only a certain quota of customers are accepted each year. The dogs that we will train taken mainly from our own breeding, even with the puppy you recognize whether he brings the character prerequisites he needs as seeing-eye dog.

Guide dogs take on leadership roles for blind people - in the truest sense of the word. For this incredibly important task when the guide dogs naturally learn absolute obedience. You also need the main ways that goes the blind in everyday life, have in mind. The animal will have to learn and master 40 Voice commands during training, the dog learns, among other traffic lights, zebra crossings, precipices and obstacles indicate.

Also the guide dog helps home with everyday tasks such as operate the light, restrict the retrieval of objects from, helps to and lining. Our customers are of course included in the training of the dog, so we put the customer at the close of our dog school hotel rooms available, so that they get used among other things to the dog and vice versa, they learn how to have a guide dog, and with him deal with it. Around ten takes months our training for guide dogs, popularly called short guide dogs. The cost of the dog and his training takes usually the insurance company. This is also the owner of the dog. The health insurance performs an audit with the guide dog, and later any manufacturer. So blind people can be sure that the dog is well trained for his demanding leadership role.