• Blindeführhundschule von der Wolfseiche

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  • Blindenführhunde und Servicehunde

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Blindeführhundschule von der Wolfseiche

Hallo Welt.

Guide dogs

Our focus is the training of guide dogs. But only a certain quota of customers are accepted each year. The dogs that we will train taken mainly from our own breeding.


Dog training

Whether a dog obeys his owner, depends primarily on the bond between dog and owner. We show you how to create this bond


Service Dogs

Service dogs (therapy dogs), the coma children, autistic, depressed people as a friend and companion to stand by


Imagine you were in the center of your dog's life ...

What would happen then ? Your dog in every situation and at your respects your every move sits down when you stop pulling not on a leash. We teach you the right way to deal with your dog so that you are even able to educate him. And all this without stress and aids such as treats or spiked collars - dog training absolutely free of violence ! The result: a perfect family companion dog Try it yourself - give us a call : Phone: 0 67 61/901 7876

Service dogs for blind and disabled people

Service dogs have the above-mentioned Properties have absolutely, or else they have " failed job " her . Absolute obedience is taught the blind and therapy dogs in intense exercise. The dogs will be a constant companion and helper , hence the local knowledge must sit . Equally important is the early binding of service dog and master or mistress , which is why we are breeding Labradors itself . All breeds and cash We basically work with all breeds (except dangerous dogs ) . As a companion for the blind or disabled are the most suitable animals from the Retriever family , eg Labrador or Golden Retriever . Especially Labradors are very docile and devoted companion.